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Celtic Zone
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Be like them
freelance assignments
"They grow up too soon," everyone told me. Eighteen years later, I finally understand what they meant。 It's nearly the end of summer break and my son goes out with friends. Ten minutes after he leaves home, I receive his text: Here. It's the same message I've received hundreds of times before -- our agreed-upon shorthand to reassure me, and probably him, in some still-unexamined way, that he has arrived safely at his destination. In a matter of days he'll head to college, and this routine, along with many others that have framed our days and nights, will come to an end. Reading that text triggers images stored safely away in my memory, a tiny flip book of our lives together。 My constant companion of nine months emerges with his eyes wide open. He's placed on my chest. I feel his heartbeat reverberating through mine. All I see are beginnings. Friends who visit caution that time is elusive, that he'll grow up faster than I can imagine, and to savor every moment. But I can't hear... (more)

The Common Ills
Iraq snapshot
Iraq snapshot Monday, November 24, 2104. Chaos and violence continue, Chuck Hagel is out as Secretary of Defense, Nouri al-Maliki continues to attempt to sew unrest in Iraq by attacking a deal between Baghdad and Erbil and by going to Shi'ite strongholds and saying Sunnis in Mosul's government plotted to take down the city, a former Sunni MP faces execution, Senators Patty Murray and Johnny Isakson call out efforts by the government to steal retirement benefits from veterans, and much more. Chuck Hagel is now the departing Secretary of Defense. His rumored resignation is now official and AP notes that the resignation "comes as the president's national security team has been battered by crises including the rise of Islamic State militants in Iraq and Syria and Russia's provocations in Ukraine." This afternoon at the White House, US President Barack Obama and Hagel announced the Secretary of Defense's resignation. We'll skip Barack's... (more)

November rain
Who's love rain? Saya salah satunya, hujan yg datang tepat waktu dan ga menyebabkan banjir atau tanah longsor tentunya. Yup. I love the rain. Hujan itu romantis, dia bawa air dan cuaca jadi lebih dingin. Ibarat nya jika dalam kehidupan sudah agak kering dan mulai panas, nah hujan bikin adem lagi. Hujann juga bikin enak tidur, jadi males mandi dan bikin enak makan hehehe. Hujan itu ada baunya, dan saya suka, aromanya khas dan itu tercium hanya ketika tanah basah baru tersapu hujan dalam tempo awal saja (bukan tempo yang sesingkat2 nya ya karena itu mah bagian teks Proklamasi kita). Efek hujan yang negatif kita skip aja ya, ga usah d bahas klo jadi penyebab jalanan jadi lebih macet di Jakarta, kita nulis yang senang senang aja karena dari lantai 15 apartmen saya terlihat barisan mobil yang kejebak macet. Tapi bayangin klo ga ada hujan coba, pasti pada berantem semua, lha kok bisa? Kan tadi di bilang klo hujan itu kayak tukang ademin, seperti wasit di... (more)

Tanto de mi
Almas gemelas
Alma gemela es como un mejor amigo, pero mucho mas, es la unica persona en este mundo que te comprende mejor que ninguna otra. Es aquella que te consigue hacer sentir mejor persona. Y aunque ella no lo logre... lo haces por ti mismo... por que ella te inspira. Un alma gemela es alguien que llevas contigo siempre. Es aquella persona que te conoce, que te acepta y cree en ti, antes de que ninguna otra lo haga o cualquiera lo hiciese. Y no importa lo que ocurra, siempre la querras. Nadie podra cambiar eso. No importa quien acabe con quien, por que en una dimension sobrenatural, siempre sera TU y YO, almas gemelas. Lo que nosotros tenemos va mas alla de de la amistad, va mas alla de amantes, es para siempre.

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