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Andrew (AND-roo)

1. noun. common name.

2. adjective. smart, dumb, intelligent, retarded, clever, stupid, bright, dull, witty, tounge-tied, shrewd, stuttering, slow, quick-witted, moronic, autistic, lively, outspoken, eloquent, dense, daft, idiotic, foolish, thick, spirited, sharp, vigourous, rude, arrogant, pompous, bloated, ostentatious, boastful, inflated, direct, brave, cowardly, gullible, free, free-spirited, burdened, depressed, optimistic, pessimistic, defensive, creative, innovative, irritating, annoying, impossible, infuriating, shy, loud, displeasing, norm-challenging, harassive, irksome, troublesome, vexatious, worrisome, provocative, impatient, pleasant, diplomatic, unreserved, trouble-making, short, defiant, fickle, shallow, timid, audacious, brainless, indoctrinated, indoctrinatory, proud, exploitative, zesty, humourous, anal-retentive, rebellious, lame, innocuous, dangerous, explosive, spontaneous, adaptable, stubborn, pig-headed, nervous, offensive, pestering, useless, ironic, paradoxical.

Usage: You're so Andrew! [Interchange with any of the above definitions]

And yes, I did look at the thesaurus.



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Tuesday, August 08, 2006
Pengetahuan Moral Acronyms ©

One of my kids told me over MSN that all the Moral teachers in my school want my memorization technique. =)

Stupid subject and all that, you know.

But still they've got to take exams, so here goes:

Pengetahuan Moral Acronyms

 © Andrew Loh Zhu An 2006
SMK Damansara Jaya

* Usage of Moral Acronyms©  is only suggested. Use own inventions if possible. More personal = Easier to memorise.


Bab 1 – Diri




Kepercayaan Kepada Tuhan






Harga Diri






Hemah Tinggi
















Kasih Sayang












·       For the KKK in the middle, use Raj Loves Adil to remember which comes first.


Bab 2 – Keluarga (K)




Kasih Sayang terhadap K


Hormat dan Taat kepada Anggota K


Mengekalkan Tradisi KeKan


Tanggungjawab terhadap K

·       Be careful: terhadap is applicable for the first and last nilais, while kepada is the second.

·       Make sure you remember that the third has Kekeluargaan and not Keluarga.


Bab 3 – Alam Sekitar (AS)




Menyayangi dan Menghargai AS



Keharmonian antara Manusia dan AS



Kemapanan AS



Peka Terhadap Isu-Isu AS



Bab 4 – Patriotisme




Cinta akan Negara


Taat Setia pada Raja dan Negara


Sanggup Berkorban untuk Negara

·       Freaking tricky prepositions. Just remember, ALPHABETICAL ORDER. Or remember Andrew's Pink Underwear.


Bab 5 – Hak (H)




Melindungi H Kanak-Kanak



Menghormati H Wanita



Melindungi H Pekerja


Giraffes in

Menghormati H Golongan Kurang Berupaya



Melindungi H Pengguna

·       Even the Moral inventors got bored, so they decided to alternate Melindungi with Menghormati.

·       Melindungi comes before Menghormati, remember, ALPHABETICAL ORDER.

·       Remember the Ber- in Berupaya.


Bab 6 – (Pseudo) Demokrasi




Mematuhi Peraturan dan Undang-Undang



Kebebasan Bersuara



Kebebasan Beragama



Penglibatan Diri dalam Pembangunan Negara


Sikap Keterbukaan


* Notice that the letters are the same as Bab 4, except this one has another S.


Bab 7 – Keamanan dan Keharmonian

HiSS (rhymes with Peace if you pronounce it as Piss)


Hidup Bersama secara Aman


Saling Membantu dan Bekerjasama


Saling Menghormati antara Negara

I hope this helps, yeah, kids? Tell me how it goes.

Posted at 01:09 am by andrewlza

August 8, 2006   10:16 AM PDT
OMG, the poor kids
August 8, 2006   11:21 PM PDT
No, the first one is

K - King
A - Andrew
H - Has
B - Big
H - Hairy
T - Things


Not I come up with....I forgotm who is was
August 9, 2006   12:44 AM PDT
hahaha.. i got an A1 for it. omgosh O_O
i hate moral.. ewwww!
August 9, 2006   08:59 AM PDT
hhaha whatever ren-to.

everyone hates moral, but poor kids have to live with it ;) aren't you glad that you're both OVER moral forever and ever and ever, kc and kesh? :D
August 9, 2006   09:39 AM PDT
my moral teacher set the questions for spm... ~ahem & leaked some out.. what morals she has :)
August 9, 2006   05:29 PM PDT

how can like that one!

stupid teacher.

(haiya moral so easy no need to leak questions mah :D)
August 9, 2006   08:00 PM PDT
if only i got to know u earlier! haha!
but then again im older than u so wtf =/
The Eternal Wanderer
August 11, 2006   05:06 PM PDT
Not bad Andrew!! Very good mnemonics technique to memorising the Moral principles...

In my year, we have 66 nilais to memorise!! Pening kepala, man! And what a sucky teacher we have to boot, back in SMKDJ! Do you know Encik Siva?? Stupid teacher make us do push-ups for every nilai we forget!!
August 11, 2006   05:41 PM PDT
HAH siva is and always will be an asssss.
some girl
August 18, 2006   11:20 PM PDT
haha.. cik sathya told us about the acronyms and about you not being able to be with us... sad case.
August 24, 2006   10:06 PM PDT
OMG, I love you!! I'm still in Form 4 and I'm sooo going to use this one. Thanks! I'll try to promote it to my friends and all the credits will go to use, of course. :D

Thanks a lot!

August 25, 2006   02:28 AM PDT
You're absolutely welcome, man!
November 28, 2006   08:33 AM PST
omg...when did moral become so freaking complicated? back when i was still studying (which is also a freaking long time ago), we just taruh anything that comes to mind. the basic principle to scoring an A1 then was: the more the answer sounds wrong, the more likely it's right.
February 23, 2008   07:26 AM PST
But Sooyin, back in my day when moral had 80 values and subvalues (anybody who took SPM moral back in 1999), you couldn't just taruh everything. There is not enough space or time.

That was provide that you could keep a clear mind of all the relevent value or subvalues that could fit the question
April 15, 2009   02:08 AM PDT
its gud 4 us student in form 5
April 15, 2009   02:10 AM PDT
hello frenzzzzzzzz
moral is ur favourite subject?
hmmm i hate moral.......
April 15, 2009   02:12 AM PDT
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